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Tufnol Sheet

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Tufnol Sheet
Tufnol Sheet is an exceptional material that has many advantages over other engineering plastics and can offer features that are unique to Tufnol Sheet. Although it has been around for many years, Tufnol Sheet is still as popular and valued by many engineers today and it still provides excellent performance in very difficult conditions.

Because Tufnol Sheet is uniquely produced the manufacturer can keep close inspection on quality to produce products which meet customers demanding requirements.

Another reason why Tufnol Sheet is unique is that it provides a rigid sheet or block that if it does come under deformation stress it will often return back to its original condition much better than similar engineering plastics and Tufnol Sheet will also provide products and components that are more rigid and will resist any flexing or bending due to its unique material construction process.

Tufnol Sheet Grades
There are over forty grades of Tufnol Sheet which are produced to solve the challenges of many of the modern engineering demands. We will mention a few of the more popular grades of Tufnol Sheet.

Tufnol Sheet - IP/13 Grade
This is what we describe as a more general purpose engineering plastic and is suitable for many jigs and fixtures. IP/13 is more impact resistant than Kite grade and can also be used for lower voltage electrical applications. IP/13 is manufactured using resin and paper compressed to form a very rigid and incredibly popular engineering plastic.

Tufnol Sheet - Kite Grade
This is what we describe as the high electrical insulation board and would be specified where the higher electrical insulation is particularly required. It looks similar to IP/13 and is also manufactured from resin and paper compressed but due to manufacturing processes and alternative materials used during manufacture, Kite grade Tufnol Sheet will provide higher resistance.

Tufnol Sheet - Whale Grade
This is what we describe as a "mechanical grade" and is more suited to heavy duty applications such as wear blocks, bearings and more importantly gears. The sheet grade of Tufnol must be used for the manufacture of gears due to the layered construction of sheet as opposed to rod which would not be acceptable. Whale Tufnol Sheet is made using resin and a cotton fabric and as a result provides a very strong product that is very rigid and will also provide a good electrical resistance.

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